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Lane End and Keldside Mines.pdf
Historical information on the Lane End and Keldside mines in Upper Swaledale

Life of Miners.pdf
Information on what life was like for a lead miner including living conditions, religion and leisure pursuits.

Working Conditions & health.pdf
Information on the typical working conditions for lead miners and the subsequent impact on their health

Profile of mining families.pdf
Profiles of two Swaledale mining families

1 Methods of Mining.pdf
Information on the various methods used to extract led ore from the ground

2 -Dressing the Ore.pdf
The processes used to prepare the extracted ore ready for smelting. This process was called 'dressing' the ore.

3  Smelting the Ore.pdf
Information on the smelting techniques used by the mining companies to convert the mined galena ore into the final lead bars ready for sale

4 Lead Prices.pdf
Extract from John Parke's journal showing lead prices from 1768 - 1771.
And prices paid in 1870 -1873.

The Beldi Hill Trial Events from a Personal Perspective.pdf
Extracts from John Parke's journal from 1769 - 1772 describing the events in Swaledale during the disputes and trials between Lord Pomfret and Thomas Smith. John Parkes and Company had leased mining ground from Thomas Smith and this ground was the…

Memories of a Lead Miner.pdf
A personal account of what life was like as a lead miner by John Rutter, who was the last lead miner in Gunnerside

Newpaper coverage of Beldi Hill Trials.pdf
1771 national press coverage of the Beldi Hill dispute in Swaledale.

A poignant poem by John Hardy that beautifully captures the spirit, hardships, life and times of the Swaledale miners

History of Lead Mining in Upper Swaledale.pdf
Written version of the Heritage Open Day public talk from the 10th September 2016

A collection of contemporary and historical photographs and images that illustrate the mines and miners and the legacy they had on the landscape of Swaledale.

Gunnerside collection.pdf
A collection of historical photographs depicting life in Gunnerside and Swaledale

Joan Moody MS.pdf
A written version of a talk given in Keld Chapel by Mrs Joan Moody (nee Mee). A wonderful account of Mrs Moody's memories of living in Keld from 1935 - 1942.

Memoirs of Ann Forsyth.pdf
A personal account of growing up in Keld from 1948 by Mrs Ann Forsyth (nee Clarkson)


Christmas day in Keld 1843.pdf
An account of village life on Christmas Day in 1843 by Rev Gillian Bobbett

Keld log.pdf
Handwritten school log providing a detailed account of daily school activities and an insight into wider village life in Upper Swaledale during these years.
NOTE: This document is very large and may take a few minutes to fully load. You can then…

Kisdon Force Tea Party.pdf
Account of the Keld Mutual Improvement Society's Tea Party held on BIrk Hill, neat Kisdon Force in August 1867
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