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Legacy of the Kearton Brothers.pdf
Transcript of public talk on the Kearton Brothers for the Keld Resource Centre.
These notes accompanied a PowerPoint slide show

Solomon Harker 1815 Keld.jpg
The Harker family lived in the house that was demolished so Keld public hall could be built. This is Solomon Harker, son of John Harker (Keld) & Hannah Pounder (Thwaite). Solomon married Nancy Peacock in 1841 and they then emigrated to America in…

Radio 13-4-1939.pdf
A BBC recording from 13th April 1939 recorded in Leeds. Arranged by Richard Sharp and featured : Ruth & George Alderson from Gunnerside, Richard Guy from Muker, Laurie and James Rukin, Tom Parrington, Jennie Mee, Chrissie & James Waggett from Keld,…

Passing By Play Script 1943.pdf
Souvenir programme and script of a 1943 play performed in Keld Public Hall.
This document can be downloaded to view in full screen

Spencer's Handbook to Swaledale and Arkengarthdale.pdf
A fabulous little handbook to guide the visitor around Swaledale, printed in Richmond although date unknown.
Document available to download to view in full screen.

Pearson photos.pdf
A miscellaneous collection of photographs and postcards from the private collection of Mollie Pearson. The document can be downloaded to view in full screen

Swaledale postcards.pdf
A collection of postcards from various private photograph collections

Richard and Cherry Kearton taking a photograph of a bird's nest.PNG
These photographs showcase the innovation and creativity the brothers employed to be able to capture, for the first time, birds actually on their nests. When they initially told friends and associates of their intentions, the response was that it…

richard and birds.jpg
Richard Kearton was a gifted public speaker who shared his passion and interest for the natural world with audiences throughout the British Isles. He published many books, which included photographs by his brother Cherry, which allowed the general…
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