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Pearson photos.pdf
A miscellaneous collection of photographs and postcards from the private collection of Mollie Pearson. The document can be downloaded to view in full screen

Swaledale postcards.pdf
A collection of postcards from various private photograph collections

Richard and Cherry Kearton taking a photograph of a bird's nest.PNG
These photographs showcase the innovation and creativity the brothers employed to be able to capture, for the first time, birds actually on their nests. When they initially told friends and associates of their intentions, the response was that it…

richard and birds.jpg
Richard Kearton was a gifted public speaker who shared his passion and interest for the natural world with audiences throughout the British Isles. He published many books, which included photographs by his brother Cherry, which allowed the general…

Newspaper article from the Farmer's Guardian 10th September 1976

F&M Epic.pdf
3rd April 2001 article covering the foot and mouth epidemic, featuring an interview with Raymond Calvert, Hoggarths Farm, near Keld

Summary of the breed points that are used for judging Swaledale Sheep

Flock Book 1920.pdf
The first flock book detailing the founding committee members, rules and breed specifications, and first registered tups. These books are now very rare as only a limited number of copies were produced. Can be downloaded to view in full screen.

1938 leaflet complete.pdf
Original catalogue from the 1938 Hawes Auction Mart sheep sale
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