The Legacy of the Kearton Brothers


The Legacy of the Kearton Brothers


Richard and Cherry Kearton were born and grew up in Thwaite, Upper Swaledale. The brothers were pioneers of wild life photography and through their innovative methods, extensive travels, books and films and sheer commitment to their craft they allowed people across the world to see and learn about the natural world.

Collection Items

Richard Kearton - A photographic collection
Richard Kearton was a gifted public speaker who shared his passion and interest for the natural world with audiences throughout the British Isles. He published many books, which included photographs by his brother Cherry, which allowed the general…

Methods of Work
These photographs showcase the innovation and creativity the brothers employed to be able to capture, for the first time, birds actually on their nests. When they initially told friends and associates of their intentions, the response was that it…
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