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BetweenTheEars-20151107-AliceAtCrackpotHall (1).mp3
Recording of Between the Ears - Alice of Crackpot Hall by David Almond for BBC Radio 3 broadcast in November 2015

Dancing with the Devil
The story of the Keld Institute from its beginnings as part of the mid-Victorian passion for self improvement, to the great 1913 dispute over dancing, to its present-day re-formation as an modern activity and exhibition space.

James Wilkinson 2.pdf
A study of the great mid nineteenth century pastor with a passion for education whose energy and powers of persuasion rebuilt the chapel and manse, established the school and built the Institute.

On Top of England (Rukin).pdf
1936 published article on Keld postman Jack Rukin's rural postal round which included delivering mail to the remote Tan Hill Inn, complete with photographs.

The Swaledale Mining Field.pdf
Document explaining how lead ore came to present in the hills of Swaledale

Early Period of Mining in Swaledale.pdf
A description of early mining activity in Swaledale before the 16th Century

The Sixteenth and Seventeeth Century.pdf
Document detailing how the lead mining industry expanded throughout the 16th & 17th century in Swaledale.

18th Century.pdf
How the lead industry developed in Swaledale throughout the 18th century, including the bitter disputes between rival companies that resulted in the Beldi Hill trials.

The Beldi Hill Trial.pdf
An account of the famous Beldi Hill Trial between Lord Pomfret and Thomas Smith over mining and land ownership rights. The trials ran from 1769 - 1772

West Stonesdale Mine.pdf
Information regarding two small mining sites in Upper Swaledale

Beldi Hill and Swinnergill Mines 2.pdf
Historical information relating to the Beldi Hill & Swinnergill mining complex in Upper Swaledale.

Gunnerside Gill Mines.pdf
Historical information on the lead mines of Gunnerside Gill.

Old Gang and Surrender.pdf
Historical information on the Old Gang and Surrender mines in Swaledale

Spout Gill Mines.pdf
Historical information relating to the Spout Gill lead mines in Swaledale

Lane End and Keldside Mines.pdf
Historical information on the Lane End and Keldside mines in Upper Swaledale

Life of Miners.pdf
Information on what life was like for a lead miner including living conditions, religion and leisure pursuits.

Working Conditions & health.pdf
Information on the typical working conditions for lead miners and the subsequent impact on their health

Profile of mining families.pdf
Profiles of two Swaledale mining families

1 Methods of Mining.pdf
Information on the various methods used to extract led ore from the ground

2 -Dressing the Ore.pdf
The processes used to prepare the extracted ore ready for smelting. This process was called 'dressing' the ore.
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