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Bygone days - Keld.pdf
A collection of photographs and postcards of Keld and Upper Swaledale illustrating how little Keld has changed and what life was like in days gone by.
This document can be downloaded to view in full screen


Memoirs of Ann Forsyth.pdf
A personal account of growing up in Keld from 1948 by Mrs Ann Forsyth (nee Clarkson)


Chris calvertedit.mp3
Interview of Chris Calvert by Glenda Calvert relating to his memories of farming at Hoggarths, near Keld

Christmas day in Keld 1843.pdf
An account of village life on Christmas Day in 1843 by Rev Gillian Bobbett


Concise chronological summary of the history of the Keld Literary Institute building

bible 1.pdf
Bible presented to Mr & Mrs George Clarkson for being the first couple to marry in the Methodist Chapel in December 1936. The chapel was originally built in 1841 but was not registered for marriages until nearly one hundred years later

Dancing with the Devil
The story of the Keld Institute from its beginnings as part of the mid-Victorian passion for self improvement, to the great 1913 dispute over dancing, to its present-day re-formation as an modern activity and exhibition space.

Declaration of Trusts 2.pdf
This document is very large and had to be copied in sections.

Banty CowhouseDBrown edit.mp3
Interview with Dorothy Brown (nee Clarkson) by Glenda Calvert for the 2016 Every Barn Tells a Story project

2 -Dressing the Ore.pdf
The processes used to prepare the extracted ore ready for smelting. This process was called 'dressing' the ore.

Early Period of Mining in Swaledale.pdf
A description of early mining activity in Swaledale before the 16th Century

A poignant poem by John Hardy that beautifully captures the spirit, hardships, life and times of the Swaledale miners

farm and home.pdf
Selection of pages showing advertisements from the 1920's.

Flock Book 1920.pdf
The first flock book detailing the founding committee members, rules and breed specifications, and first registered tups. These books are now very rare as only a limited number of copies were produced. Can be downloaded to view in full screen.

A collection of written articles about Gunnerside

Gunnerside Gill Mines.pdf
Historical information on the lead mines of Gunnerside Gill.

Gunnerside Song.jpg

Solomon Harker 1815 Keld.jpg
The Harker family lived in the house that was demolished so Keld public hall could be built. This is Solomon Harker, son of John Harker (Keld) & Hannah Pounder (Thwaite). Solomon married Nancy Peacock in 1841 and they then emigrated to America in…
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