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Keld Sunday Sch. Register 1888-98-pages-deleted.pdf
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Thwaite Congregational Church Sun. Sch. Register 1870-1878-pages-deleted.pdf
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Copy of Thwaite Cong. Sun. Sch. Register 1881-84.pdf

Keld Church Book 1931-1948-pages-deleted.pdf

Copy of Keld Church Book-pages-deleted.pdf
This document contains:
The history of the church from 1789 written by James Wilkinson.
Various lists of church members from 1850 - 1903
Minutes of church meetings from 1889 - 1915
Assorted letters, papers and press cuttings

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Keld School Letter Book (blank after page 18).pdf
Collection of school letters dating from 1903 - 1909

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Copy of Keld School Managers' Minute Book.pdf
Minutes of all Keld School Committee meetings from 1903 - 1971
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Swaledale Woman Maggie Joe Chapman.pdf

Laurence Rukin MItchell transcript.pdf

Keld Hymn.jpg
Music score and lyrics to a song wrote in January 1940 by Rev Arthur Mee who was the minister in Keld from 1935 to 1942.

Keld Lodge 1.pdf

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Keld Public Hall and Reading Room.pdf
Letter of thanks with list of subscribers and balance sheet

School Concert Progs .pdf
Selection of concert programmes designed by the children of Keld School

Account of 1937 holiday at Keld.pdf
A wonderful personal account of a holiday spent in Keld in July 1937

Keld Chapel graves.pdf

Declaration of Trusts 2.pdf
This document is very large and had to be copied in sections.

1892 Trust deeds 1.pdf

Wilkinson letter 1862 (1).pdf
Various letters dated from 1863 - 1953

YPF Minute Book.pdf
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