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1924 Farm Auctions.pdf

bible 1.pdf
Bible presented to Mr & Mrs George Clarkson for being the first couple to marry in the Methodist Chapel in December 1936. The chapel was originally built in 1841 but was not registered for marriages until nearly one hundred years later

farm and home.pdf
Selection of pages showing advertisements from the 1920's.

Iversons Trap.pdf
A 1910 magazine article featured in the Wide World Magazine describing James Iveson's accident and lucky rescue from Shunner Fell

Doreen article.pdf
An article on Ernest and Doreen Whitehead featured in the Yorkshire Post in September 2016

Passing By Play Script 1943.pdf
Souvenir programme and script of a 1943 play performed in Keld Public Hall.
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Strange Dog.pdf
A poem telling of a wild dog that roamed Ravenseat and Upper Swaledale, preying on sheep and evading the efforts of the farming community who tried to catch it.

Ucal medical guide 1926 edited.pdf
Contains medical guide, household cleaning tips and a ladies guide to looking her best!
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Keld Lodge 1.pdf
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