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Valuation of Thorns and Keld 1856.pdf
Details of all land owned.
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1930 diary.pdf
Bobby Hutchinson provided a taxi service for Keld and the surrounding area. This is his 1930 diary showing all bookings

Laurence Rukin MItchell transcript.pdf

Keld Hymn.jpg
Music score and lyrics to a song wrote in January 1940 by Rev Arthur Mee who was the minister in Keld from 1935 to 1942.

Keld Public Hall and Reading Room.pdf
Letter of thanks with list of subscribers and balance sheet

Account of 1937 holiday at Keld.pdf
A wonderful personal account of a holiday spent in Keld in July 1937

Historic Village Atlas Keld.pdf
This Village Appraisal Report by the Archaeological Society, Newcastle upon Tyne was commissioned by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority

Solomon Harker 1815 Keld.jpg
The Harker family lived in the house that was demolished so Keld public hall could be built. This is Solomon Harker, son of John Harker (Keld) & Hannah Pounder (Thwaite). Solomon married Nancy Peacock in 1841 and they then emigrated to America in…

Radio 13-4-1939.pdf
The script of a radio broadcast from Thursday, 13th April, 1939 featuring speakers from Keld, Muker and Gunnerside. ( The copy is slightly clipped top and bottom on some pages)
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Radio 16-6-1939.pdf
Jeannie Mee's script of a radio broadcast from Leeds on Friday, 16th June, 1939 describing the Yorkshire Dales Conference - the annual meeting of ministers and delegates from the Congregational Church - that took place in Keld.
This document can be…

Joan Moody's Memoirs.pdf
Extract from Joan Moody's (nee Mee) 'A Family Mosiac' family history document that provides a wonderful insight in to village life in Keld in the late 1930's and early 1940's.
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Christmas day in Keld 1843.pdf
An account of village life on Christmas Day in 1843 by Rev Gillian Bobbett

Memoirs of Ann Forsyth.pdf
A personal account of growing up in Keld from 1948 by Mrs Ann Forsyth (nee Clarkson)


Joan Moody MS.pdf
A written version of a talk given in Keld Chapel by Mrs Joan Moody (nee Mee). A wonderful account of Mrs Moody's memories of living in Keld from 1935 - 1942.

On Top of England (Rukin).pdf
1936 published article on Keld postman Jack Rukin's rural postal round which included delivering mail to the remote Tan Hill Inn, complete with photographs.

BetweenTheEars-20151107-AliceAtCrackpotHall (1).mp3
Recording of Between the Ears - Alice of Crackpot Hall by David Almond for BBC Radio 3 broadcast in November 2015
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