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Waggett minute complete.pdf

Covering letter.pdf

YPF Minute Book.pdf

Wilkinson letter 1862 (1).pdf
Various letters dated from 1863 - 1953

1892 Trust deeds 1.pdf

Declaration of Trusts 2.pdf
This document is very large and had to be copied in sections.

Keld Chapel graves.pdf

Copy of Keld Church Book-pages-deleted.pdf
This document contains:
The history of the church from 1789 written by James Wilkinson.
Various lists of church members from 1850 - 1903
Minutes of church meetings from 1889 - 1915
Assorted letters, papers and press cuttings

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Keld Church Book 1931-1948-pages-deleted.pdf

Copy of Thwaite Cong. Sun. Sch. Register 1881-84.pdf

Thwaite Congregational Church Sun. Sch. Register 1870-1878-pages-deleted.pdf
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Keld Sunday Sch. Register 1888-98-pages-deleted.pdf
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Keld Church Engagements Book1946-47-pages-deleted.pdf
Weekly diary detailing all chapel activities - completion is inconsistent

Keld Church Misc. draft reports 1898-99-pages-deleted.pdf

Keld Church Misc financial statements 1937-73 incomplete-pages-deleted.pdf
Miscellaneous collection of reports dating from 1937 - 1973

Keld Congregational Church Minutes 1957-1983-pages-deleted.pdf
Minutes for Keld Church meetings, followed by typed minutes of meetings with Low Row church.
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