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Covering letter.pdf

Declaration of Trusts 2.pdf
This document is very large and had to be copied in sections.

Waggett minute complete.pdf

Keld Chapel graves.pdf

Wilkinson letter 1862 (1).pdf
Various letters dated from 1863 - 1953

Keld Church Engagements Book1946-47-pages-deleted.pdf
Weekly diary detailing all chapel activities - completion is inconsistent

Keld Church Misc financial statements 1937-73 incomplete-pages-deleted.pdf
Miscellaneous collection of reports dating from 1937 - 1973

Keld Church Misc. draft reports 1898-99-pages-deleted.pdf

Keld Congregational Church Minutes 1957-1983-pages-deleted.pdf
Minutes for Keld Church meetings, followed by typed minutes of meetings with Low Row church.

Keld Church Book 1931-1948-pages-deleted.pdf

Keld Sunday Sch. Register 1888-98-pages-deleted.pdf
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YPF Minute Book.pdf

Copy of Keld Church Book-pages-deleted.pdf
This document contains:
The history of the church from 1789 written by James Wilkinson.
Various lists of church members from 1850 - 1903
Minutes of church meetings from 1889 - 1915
Assorted letters, papers and press cuttings

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Thwaite Congregational Church Sun. Sch. Register 1870-1878-pages-deleted.pdf
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Copy of Thwaite Cong. Sun. Sch. Register 1881-84.pdf

1892 Trust deeds 1.pdf
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