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Taken for a walk in Keld 1.jpeg
Extract from Mrs Doreen Guy's handwritten manuscript of her experience of taking a group of Keld school children on a nature walk.

Keld School enhanced.jpg
Photographs of Keld School children from 1917 to the 1950's. The document can be downloaded to view in full screen

Keld School Letter Book (blank after page 18).pdf
Collection of school letters dating from 1903 - 1909

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Keld log.pdf
Handwritten school log providing a detailed account of daily school activities and an insight into wider village life in Upper Swaledale during these years.
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Keld School Managers' Letters.pdf
A collection of letters to and from the management committee of Keld School (please note these are not in chronological order)

Copy of Keld School Managers' Minute Book.pdf
Minutes of all Keld School Committee meetings from 1903 - 1971
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School Concert Progs .pdf
Selection of concert programmes designed by the children of Keld School
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