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Keld Chapel Archives

Keld Congregational Church Minutes 1957-1983-pages-deleted.pdf

Keld School

Keld School Letter Book (blank after page 18).pdf

The Legacy of the Kearton Brothers

Richard and Cherry Kearton taking a photograph of a bird's nest.PNG

History of the Swaledale Sheep Breed


2018 Open Heritage public talk and exhibition on the history of the Swaledale sheep

Every Barn Tells a Story

Various .pdf

Audio recordings and written transcripts from the Yorkshire Dales National Parks Authority project working with the community of Muker Parish to…

Contributors: Appreciation and thanks to all the Swaledale residents who took part in this project and especially to Glenda Calvert for conducting all the interviews.

A Miscellaneous Collection

Doreen article.pdf

Keld Literary Institute - James Wilkinson's Legacy

1923 Royal Insurance cert.pdf

Documents and photographs (including items from the 2017 Keld Resource Centre Festival exhibition) telling the story of James Wilkinson, minister of…

Photographic Collections


A collection of historical photographs of Keld, its residents and the surrounding area. We are currently building this collection and would welcome…

Lead Mining Archives


A collection of documents, maps and manuscripts relating to the lead mining heritage of Keld and Upper Swaledale

Swaledale Archives

Sports prog 1-merged.pdf

A collection of documents and manuscripts

History of Keld

Valuation of Thorns and Keld 1856.pdf

Lectures, photos and other information relating to the history of Keld

Keld and the First World War

Keld and the First World War

Resources related to the life of the small village of Keld, Swaledale, during the First World War 1914-18